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Technical interviewing tool for math, data, persuasion, problem solving, & more



With good screening early in the hiring process you increase your “yes” rate, saving you money.


Parsegon is test builder for testing everything. From math, to charisma, to chemistry, to casing.

Parsegon will help you craft each test for each position. But you can edit anything, anytime.

Hire Smart People

The best screening tool for math, data, persuasion, problem solving, & more

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Assessments for any hire

*except programmers, not our thing.

Test people on their logic. On their vocal confidence. On their organic chemistry mastery. On their ability to manipulate matrices. On their spreadsheet skills. On their writing ability.

You name it, we can help test it.

Test the hard stuff.

Test your candidates on tricky things like their math skills and strategy when solving complex problems.

Smart Speech

In some roles, charisma or persuasion is as critical as content. Use our speech widget to find the best candidates who use their voice to their advantage.

Parsegon Smart Speech will automatically transcribe into text and rate candidates on things like empathy and charisma before you even listen to it!

Use Activities,
not just Questions

Parsegon is designed to engage a candidate on their critical thinking skills.

Express It All!

Candidates can show steps, draw figures, and demonstrate thoroughness in any subject.

With Parsegon, capture more than what a multiple choice question could accomplish.

Incremental Questions

Emulate a live interview with automatic follow-up questions triggered by keywords or word count.

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